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Beaux means “beautiful” in French; Simone, the feminine of Simon, and at its root in Hebrew, means “harkening.” Beautiful Harkening aims to listen to — and truly hear — what communities want.

BeauxSimone Consulting:

Bringing Community Home

BeauxSimone Consulting offers training, technical assistance and project development. This includes everything from helping organizations envision a project concept to bringing the right partners to the table, packaging applications for funding, and seeing a building through opening and stabilization of its residents.

Our focus is on producing homes and delivering outcomes. The people living in Supportive Housing buildings are the most important part of any project. At the end of the day, we are doing this work to make our communities — and the people in them — safer, stronger and healthier.

We work in rural and urban communities in states around the region, and with tribal communities around the country, to bring additional homes and support services to those most in need.

Our Mission

Supportive Housing and
Community Development Consulting

Since 2014 over 1,000 units of affordable and supportive housing in Colorado have been funded through the work of the Permanent Supportive Housing Toolkits, trainings and hands-on technical assistance we offer. Many of those apartments are now open, creating homes for men, women and children…and hundreds more will be opening soon.

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